Recap of MAY 20 LIVE training with George Kosch, CEO, Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc and your Bootcamp Trainer.

Worldprofit is the one and only platform you need to start and GROW all your online business programs.
Welcome to all NEW Silver and Platinum VIP Members and to those returning Members, welcome home.

The LIVE sessions are participatory; ask questions, request demonstrations, watch, listen, learn how to earn using the incredible number of unique resources in your Member area.
The LIVE FRIDAY sessions compliment the online training lesson which you can do in your own time at your own pace.

This week was a short session, so George spent the time showing how to get a continuous source of leads and traffic using Worldprofit’s system.

Discussion, Demos and Training Topic Overview

  • The cost savings, time savings and ease of getting ALL the services you need in 1 place, at Worldprofit, 1 Platform for your success in affiliate marketing
  • What you LOSE when you reply on free and don’t have the essentials for your own business, your own brand, your own portable LIFETIME business.
  • Worldprofit’s Super Funnel Builder
  • How to use Worldprofit’s platform to promote and earn in your OTHER Affiliate programs: the ABSOLUTE Essentials you need to KNOW and DO!
  • When you refer Associates, how these can turn into sales, today, next week, 6 months from now – it’s about LIST building and nurturing business relations.
  • Treat your business like a business to get results, be realistic, put the time in to learn and grow
  • Worldprofit’s Advertising Co-op: FastTrack Visitors
  • How to access your Worldprofit ready-to-use now landing pages with OFFERS, or create your own with the included LANDING PAGE BUILDER.
  • Worldprofit’s Prospect Manager and Newsletter Emailer
  • For those Members promoting ClickBank we can help you make more sales. Take a look at Worldprofit’s CB Maximizer, the CB Promo Kit, and the CB Store
  • Your included Ad Tracker, use it to assess your clicks. The problem with OTHER trackers, and this is important to know
  • Worldprofit’s Money Makers Promo Kit
  • How to sell your own stuff – use Worldprofit’s Marketplace Store Builder
  • Worldprofit’s Monitor Program: how you benefit, how to get involved.
  • How to access Worldprofit Support 7 DAYS a week/ 365 Days a Year to get the help you need to grow your business
  • Member Questions this week pertaining to:
    Landing Page Builder
    Landing Page #40 (ADVANCED) easily customized – watch VIDEO to see the power
    Speeding up promotion
    WordPress Blog hosting from Worldprofit
    CPanel Hosting from Worldprofit
    Adding LIVE Chat to your site