Bootcamp Training with Instructor George Kosch, Friday March 20, 2020.

In this session, George Kosch covered some basic concepts for the benefit of new members, and then transitioned into some advanced training for more experienced and serious members.? Training participants had a lot of good questions, and George reminded Members that you can watch the recording to re-watch some of the more complex demonstrations. As well, our Worldprofit Support Team is here 7 days a week to answer questions and provide further assistance.

Featured Training Topics

  • Lesson 3 – why it’s so important to you! Hint: It involves some freebies, AND key training critical to your success as a marketer
  • How to get the BEST results from your landing pages, and how Worldprofit has helped make this easier for you
  • Integrating Free Product Giveaways as incentives in your Offers
  • Integrating your Autoresponder to the landing pages
  • Creating landing pages / squeeze pages using Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder
  • Worldprofit’s PLR Product Vault: How to use this for your own learning, and/or to get more leads
  • Google Webmaster Tools – how to set this up and why you should (easy)
  • How to add Google Analytics, Meta Tags and SEO Tools to your site and or landing pages
  • How to add LIVE CHAT to your landing pages, websites
  • How to access your Commission Report and enter how to get paid

What’s NEW

4 NEW Advanced Training programs just added for all Platinum VIP Members.
This brings the number of additional training courses available to Platinum VIP members, to 12. No cost to Platinum VIP Members.

  • Online Business for MOMS
  • Making Money with WordPress
  • Amazon Associate Influence
  • Advertising your Business

Platinum VIP Members access these products and training programs on LEFT MENU under PLATINUM VIP BONUSES.?

VIDEO backgrounds now available as an option for your website’s home page
Works with Template 63 which is SEO amd Mobile friendly. If you don’t have Template 63 now put in a ticket and we will install the newest template for you at no cost. Your website content management system allows you to customize your site.

10 New products added to Worldprofit’s PLR Product Vault (you now have over 225 products)
Three ways to use these:

  1. Personal use. Use Download for your own learning purposes, all topics related to affiliate marketing an business growth
  2. Give them away. Integrate them to your landing pages and offer as free incentives to get sign ups. (Landing Page Builder)
  3. Login incentives: Associates who login can download these PLR products free in their Member area from the Goody Bag
    Access on RIGHT Column, select ADVANCED MENU then click on PLR Product Vault

Featured Worldprofit Services

  • Snatch up your free PROMO CODES. George revealed where to go in your Member area how to get hundreds of dollars in FREE advertising. Use this for promoting any affiliate links, or to promote your Worldprofit links. 3 new sites just added this past week, you have over 72 places listed in our PROMO CODE CENTER. If you find any sites that are no longer offering a Promo Code let us know and we will delete.
  • NEW! Universal Promo Code Center – promote this new service with the new landing page to get LEADS
    (Silver and Platinum VIP Members do NOT need to sign up for the Universal Promo Code service, ONLY promote it but be SURE tht first you have activated in the MULTI-Commission SYSTEM).
  • Worldprofit’s Multi-Commission System: Why it’s important for you to ACTIVATE – don’t miss out on all possible commission
  • Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership: Benefits. Upgrade during March Madness – save money – score a loyalty bonus

Special Offer

  • MARCH MADNESS Special on now. All month long we have Loyal Member Offers on selected services, advertising, Membership renewals, Membership upgrades. We’re dishing up free leads, free traffic, and more – loyalty is rewarded at Worldprofit.
  • Get the details by submitting a Support Ticket


Start your training:
If you have not yet started the online training, you will find the Bootcamp Lesson Summary on the LEFT MENU under BOOTCAMP TRAINING.
Lesson 3 is critical to your success. Lesson 3 reveals how to activate your purchase BONUSES!

Looking for trusted advertising for your Affiliate Programs?
See all your advertising options at
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Join World Profit’s social site – create your own profile, add a picture, create a niche group, add your affiliate links, post your blog, share video links. Great place to get free promotion for your business interests and network with others in the affiliate marketing world, get backlinks to your site, great for SEO and more. This is a valuable and under-utilized free service.

Other Income Sources
Looking for other trusted vendors and ways to earn online, check these out.
LEFT MENU: Money Makers Kit (JV Zoo Products)
LEFT MENU: Select CLICKBANK (CB Maximizer; CB Promo Kit; CB Store and MORE)
LEFT MENU Select Advertising & Traffic. Select TOP SAFELISTS

Traffic Sources
-Activate your LIFETIME TRAFFIC MEMBERSHIPS (details in Lesson 3)
-Activate your MONTHLY TRAFFIC Memberships. LEFT MENU select Advertising & Traffic

Need Help?
If you ned help submit a Support Ticket, help is here 7 days a week.
We just ask that you clearly state BRIEFLY what you need help with, and that you submit only 1 issue per ticket.

Here’s the link to watch the March 20, 2020 RECORDING from World Profit’s Bootcamp Training.

Your next LIVE interactive training session is FRIDAY March 27, 2020. 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Help without the Hype
To get the most benefit from Worldprofit’s LIVE weekly training, we urge you to come on time, ask questions, request demonstrations, listen, learn, take notes. If you can’t attend the LIVE sessions send your questions in via Support Ticket PRIOR to the next LIVE training session.
George Kosch will answer your questions during the session and you can watch the recording later at a time convenient for you to get the answers.
The LIVE training compliments the online bootcamp lessons, over 125 lessons many with help videos that you can progress through at your own pace.

About your Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder, George Kosch.
George Kosch is a former Captain (Jet Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement 25 years ago to create Worldprofit Inc., in 1994 along with co-founder Sandi Hunter. Every Friday, Worldprofit provides members with LIVE interactive training to teach you about affiliate marketing, to help you access and use the tremendous number of resources in your membership, all designed with 1 purpose – to help you grow your own successful online business. Who better to teach you then the actual architect of Worldprofit’s software, training and marketing system, George Kosch himself.

A few comments / questions from Training participants

Bobbi Jo: you learn alot as a Monitor
Sandi Hunter: Master promotion as per Lesson 3 and apply that skill to ANY of your online businesses
Jessica: That’s a BIG newbie mistake…been there done that!
josette: Do you have any members doing WorldProfit ONLY?
Mary: I’ve used the PLR & Landing Page builder – excellent. But don’t know how to edit the Sales Page
Jessica: So essentially I could set up several subscriber lists?
Mary: That’s excellent but complicated. I’ll check the videos and look at THIS webinar again EXCELLENT

Yours In Success,
George Kosch Capt (ret’d) CEO & CoFounder