George Kosch was "pretty in pink" today, sporting a bright golf shirt as he kicked off Worldprofit’s bootcamp training Friday Oct 25th, 2019.

George Kosch is a former Captain (Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement 25 years ago to create Worldprofit Inc., along with co-founder Sandi Hunter. Most important to Worldprofit members, is the fact that, George is your bootcamp instructor. Each week, George provides a LIVE interactive training session exclusively for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. This training is about helping our members, no hype, just good-for-you info to help you grow your online business.

Here’s a recap of the training material covered in the Oct 25th, 2019 Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training.

Featured Training Topics

  • Why Worldprofit’s system works. The PROOF? YOU.
  • How to get your TRAFFIC BONUSES – advance to Lesson 3 – WATCH the video on that lesson.
  • How to access the online training lessons
  • How to Whitelist and why you need to – some of you especially YAHOO, HOTMAIL and COMCAST users, you are missing important email due to filter practices used by those companies. Your BEST choice for business email? Gmail, free from Google.
  • Write down your passwords or use a Password Manager Program – or do both! Treat your business like a BUSINESS!
  • Recommended Anti Malware / Anti Virus Software – McAfee or Kaspersky – protect your business – pay for anti-virus/malware
  • NEVER let ANYONE for any reason install software on your computer that allows them REMOTE access to your computer
  • Affiliate marketing is the #1 way to earn extra money from online sources – Worldprofit has all the resources you need in one place
  • Want to make sales ? Promote. Want to get MORE sales? Promote MORE. Everything you need is in your member area.

Questions are encouraged throughout the training, benefit from instant answers and concept demonstrations as you need them. OR, for Members unable to attend the LIVE session, send your questions in PRIOR. George can answer your questions or provide a demo during the LIVE session, and you watch the recording later at a time convenient.

Featured World Profit Services / Recommended Software / Tools

  • Your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Membership includes website hosting, email accounts, traffic, sales tools, marketing, specialized business software, training and support
  • Worldprofit Support Services: How to get help 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  • Worldprofit’s 24 HOUR LIVE Business Center – unique to Worldprofit – how you benefit
  • Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership, higher commission grade, more traffic inclusions and additional software benefits.
  • How to get your MONTHLY Traffic Injections
  • How to get MORE Worldprofit advertising to promote your OTHER Affiliate programs
  • Promotion – MORE is always better! Don’t keep tapping the same resources, EXPAND your reach to new markets
  • George’s recommendations for time saving tools, software, etc.


  • How to post banners
  • How to access / activate your Extreme Traffic package
  • How to update your commission payout preference for Worldprofit sales referrals
  • How to place affiliate code on your Worldprofit hosted website
  • Worldprofit’s Image Hosting, how to store your images, PDFs etc


NEW! More Lead Package Options Now offered.
Lead packages now available in packs of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
We purchase these leads from a trusted source we’ve relied on for many years.
Our Lead Source runs online ads to generate these leads.
Once ordered, download a few leads at a time as you need them and can contact these people.
Watch the video in your member area to know what to do with these leads and how to integrate them to your included Prospect Manager
Packages starts at $11.95

Worldprofit’s MONTHLY Traffic Injections

Silver Members get a basic monthly Traffic Injection (5 promotion and traffic sites)
Platinum VIP Member get a MEGA Monthly Traffic Injection (18 promotion and traffic sites) valued at $200 / month
Promote your own affiliate programs, or promote Worldprofit services, your choice.
Cost: $0

Unnecessary free Associate membership accounts:
As a Silver or Platinum VIP Member you get unlimited full benefits and privileges – you do NOT Need a free Associate membership account.
If you sign up for a free Associate account in error, submit a support ticket and ask that we delete it for you so you don’t confuse your logins.
Please write down your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership login details and keep it handy but do NOT share with ANYONE.