Worldprofit’s Silver and Platinum VIP Members are business owners who hail from all over the world, from all walks of life. They share something important though, character qualities found in every successful person – the willingness to learn, the desire to achieve a goal, and the focus and determination to make it happen.

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Here we feature successful Worldprofit Business Owner, Howard Martell

Howard, can you share a little information with us about you?

I have been marketing online for over 29 years now and been part of the Worldprofit family for 9 years plus successfully. My first career straight out of High School was the US Navy did 20 years and traveled the world to 48 countries. I am a disabled veteran who continues to work in a field I love in Cybersecurity supporting US Government risk assessments and providing quality consulting services. The other skills have been able to excel at is find quality places to built my list of clients globally thanks to this system.

Howard, what was the reason or reasons for your initial interest in becoming a Member at Worldprofit?

When I first joined back in 2009 heard of Worldprofit and it wasn’t until two of my members online told me you need to check this out. I did and the lessons started immediately for me being a Senior Monitor and sales leader, this helped thousands over that time do it right the first time. It is rewarding when you are able to assist real hard-working marketers with closing a sale for first time members and many have thanked me over the years. Finally, the mentorship you will be receiving is second to none whether your shy or not get comfortable in front of your camera and this translates over to doing Facebook live, YouTube and any other social media platforms. (People buy from people they can trust not from websites)

Howard, can you share some of the reasons that you continue as a loyal Member of Worldprofit?

What George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and the rest of team has created most companies lack a continuous way to drive traffic, teach you in our Friday’s Bootcamp, and they care about your success not only in Worldprofit but in any other affiliate or direct selling businesses you partner with.

Howard, do you have any words of advice for someone looking for an online business or considering joining Worldprofit?

You need to do your research, but I promise you this will not find anything close to what George Kosch and Sandi Hunter provide us from the 24-7 Monitor team members who close my sales and take care of my associates.

Howard, you are a Monitor who generously volunteers your time to help others in Worldprofit’s home business community.
Can you offer some reasons why you enjoy being a Monitor?

This is my way of being part of a synergy of proven online business owners who want to speak the truth of what it truly takes to be successful online and share that wisdom globally.

Howard, what are some of the tools and resources in your Worldprofit Membership that you find most helpful in growing your own online business?

Worldprofit’s Call Loop system allows me to get people to call me back since time is limited for me. Virtual Assistant Tool, lazy blogger, click bank promo kit, landing page builder, and so much more to numerous to list all only available at Worldprofit, tools I use to run my business every day.

Howard, can you rate on a scale of 1 – 10 then comment on the quality of services, training, and support offered at Worldprofit? A rating of 1 would be Poor, a rating of 10 would be Outstanding.

My rating: 10. Why do you think I have been with the company and seeing the continued vision of how we can change the industry for the better.

Howard, anything else you would like to share with others about your experiences with Worldprofit ?

I tell anyone who talks to me to encounter the value of having a real income earning business is just one of the many perks we get at Worldprofit. Here in the USA, Uncle Sam pays me to have my home business and that is another reason why I am so passionate about getting people to understand the value of the resources at Worldprofit for money, time, and proven tools.

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Howard Martell, your Home Profit Coach