It’s sad.

In our day to day business activities we hear from people frustrated or fed up with doing business online.
People are fed up with falling victim to get rich quick schemes.
They’re sick of dishonest vendors.
Maybe you yourself have just found out you can’t get paid your hard-earned commission by the company you spent a lot of money with.

Most common complaints we hear?

  • Promises of making you rich
  • Fake leads
  • No support
  • No way to get paid commission.

Sadly, the reality of business online is that there are some sketchy vendors who take advantage of people, this happens offline too.
The good news is that affiliate marketing continues to be one of the best ways to earn money online.
The key is to find a company that has proven itself time and time again, outlasting all the others, year after year.

Worldprofit is now in our 25th year of business.

Our specialty? Training people all over the world how to make money online with our proven unique marketing system.

Who is our best customer?


Someone who’s tired of the hype.
Someone who sees the earning potential of affiliate marketing but hasn’t yet found the right company.
Someone who is willing to dig 100% into our training, do the work, and use our system to make money online now and for years to come.
Someone who wants to grow an online business and enjoy the rewards that come with that instead of dabbling, posting and praying that the latest sure "thing" won’t go belly up or just disappear into the black hole of the web.

What you get from Worldprofit – accountability, integrity, expertise.

We create and support our own web-based products and services.
We provide you with a system for promotion – for our products, for trusted recommended vendors.
Refer sales to Worldprofit and we pay you commission – get paid by Bank Deposit, PayPal, EFT, or Cheque.
Have your own affiliate programs? Use our promotion and resources to grow your income from multiple sources.
Need help? Training and support is provided 7 days a week, 365 Days a year.

What you won’t get from Worldprofit.

You won’t hear us make income claims. How much you make is based on how much time and effort you put into working and growing your business.
You won’t get hype. We believe in providing the tools, software, resources, training and support to help you earn online, our platform is based on HELP not HYPE.

We invite you to login. Take a look.
Talk to one of our reps.
You will see them on screen and can answer your questions.
Real, honest, down to earth people waiting to help you.
Login and see for yourself.

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When you are ready to join us at Worldprofit, I look forward to seeing you at my next LIVE interactive training session.

I offer my training and expertise every Friday for one purpose – to help YOU grow your online business.
I will be doing a training session this Friday just like I have been for the last two decades, it’s what I do, I like helping people change their lives by growing their own successful online business.

George Kosch
Worldprofit CEO, your Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Instructor.
Captain (Ret’d) Royal Canadian Air Force (Pilot)