Worldprofit now offers personalized email services for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members….

and this service is included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

That’s awesome isn’t it!

Now you can get personalized emails derived from your domain name.


Yes you can have more then one email address.

To get your email account(s) set up at no cost, submit a Support Ticket to Worldprofit’s Support Team and we will tell you what we need to set this up..

Did you know?

Worldprofit offers a no-cost way to securely store your images and ebooks.

Included in both the Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Membership is an image hosting service.

We found that a number of our Worldprofit members were relying on free services to host their banners, images, headers and ebooks.
The problem was that these free services had a number of problems, specifically

-free services often go offline or out of business and users no longer have access to their files, or can lose files completely
-free services are limited in storage space, complicated to use, and often provide users with long difficult file names.
-file storage was not always secure
-ads clog up your free access area making it difficult and time consuming to access your files
-when telling people where to get your Ebook file they would have difficult accessing, required login etc.

Worldprofit recognized this problem and introduced an Image Hosting service free of charge to Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

This service allows you to store your image files, and PDFs used for Ebooks.

File formats accepted are PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF

Now you have one source to securely store your images, easy access, no cost, and short easy file names.

Access: To access and start using your Worldprofit Image and Ebook Hosting service, login to your Worldprofit Member area and look in the Website Management section.

Need hosting for a second website?
Or CPanel Hosting?
Worldprofit offers both as well as WordPress hosting and website development software.
No need for Wyx, Worldprofit hosts your site, provides website development software, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Blogs, Ebooks and more at a fraction of the cost and no learning curve.

Wondering how to get a Secure Certificate for your Website (SSL Certificate)?

Wondering about that message "this site is not secure" warning that is popping up?
Certain browsers have recently changed their security settings which means sites without the https prefix, may cause a warning notice to appear.

To solve this and meet the NEW security standards, Worldprofit now offers:

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates for Worldprofit hosted websites.

Q: Why Do You Need An SSL Certificate?

A: SSL Certificates protect your sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords etc. It also:
• Keeps your website data secure
• Helps increase your Google Rankings as Google indexes sites with https prefix with higher priority and credibility due to the security certificate
• Builds and enhances customer trust by display of the https prefix and green bar/padlock
• May help improve conversion rates by conveying recognized symbol of trusted security

Q: How much does it cost to get a Domain Validated SLL Certificate for my website?
A: Cost: $49.95 / per domain. Compare to what others are charging in range of $100 and UP.

Q. How long is the SSL Certificate valid?
A: Worldprofit’s (DV) SSL Certificate is valid for one year from date of purchase.

Q: Once I purchase my SSL Certificate how long does it take to get installed?
A: Installation is quick, usually within 48 – 72 business hours.

Q: Can I get a SSL Certificate for a site not hosted at Worldprofit?
A: We only offer (DV) SSL Certificates for sites hosted by Worldprofit.

Q: Will my site visitors still be able to access my site if they don’t use the https: prefix?
A: Yes, your site visitors will be able to access your site with both the http: address as well as the SLS version at https:

Q: If I visit my site and it’s secure but shows that some parts are not secure, what can I do?

A: We’ve created a help video to give you some tips on how to fix or correct this if you want to access in your Worldprofit Member area.

More info and Order Details within your Worldprofit Member area.

Says Danny Sullivan, from Google…..

"Consider securing every page of your website with HTTPS to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the data users exchange on your site. You can find more useful tips in our best practices on how to implement HTTPS."

Source Google Webmaster
Danny Sullivan, Public Liaison for Search

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