Everyday I have the opportunity to talk to people involved with affiliate marketing. Most love the concept, they totally understand it’s possible to earn a
healthy extra income promoting other people’s products and services and receive a commission for doing so. They can’t be bothered with the expense and time of creating their own product to sell, so they’re content to promote affiliate links and not worry about order fulfillment and customer service. Most people I talk to, are promoting more then one affiliate program for the purpose of generating an additional stream of income.
All good up to this point.

Where the problem starts is when I ask the affiliate marketer a few key questions.

1. What’s your website address?

I don’t mean the URL of the affiliate program(s) but your own professional domain based website.
For example mine is http://www.georgekosch.com
The answer I hear is most often I don’t have one, I don’t need one, I am promoting the companies website. They give me a link that’s tagged to their URL and I just promote that.

This is a problem that is limiting your business growth and may cost you sales, here’s why.
If you don’t have your own domain name…

  • every time you post a link you are promoting someone else’s site instead of yours
  • you can kiss any traffic from Google good-bye, in general their scanners ignore affiliate links
  • you are losing valuable branding, professionalism, a place to call your own
  • your own domain name is a big part of list building purposes – no list no sales – your leads go on someone ELSE’s list.

When you have your own domain name you are promoting yourself, you can set up redirects, you can easily replace and content, add in optin forms, a newsletter, social media shares. It’s portable, it can grooooooow with you. Integrate all your social media links, your blogs, reviews and so forth. Your affiliate programs may change and you won’t care because your links will still be up and valid from your DOMAIN based website . Backlinks are very important for search engine ranking. And one final point, an extremely valuable one, when you rely on a free service provider for a website, or a link etc, they can disappear without a trace anytime and so too can your business. Gone. Just like that.

2. How do you manage your leads?

When asked this question, there’s often a pause in the conversation, a moment of discomfort and awkwardness.
The reason? The marketer either doesn’t have any leads, or has so few leads that managing them is not an issue. Or, they have leads but they are scattered everywhere with no organization, no follow up process, no autoresponder, no list, no plan. Without tools and a system for both generating and managing leads, you are off to very rough start. Sticky notes aren’t a reliable business building, sales generating system.

3. What kind of system are you using for your marketing?

The answer I hear most often is that they don’t actually have a system or a method. Some simply post links randomly to Facebook, others buy a
mailing list hopeful that it’s actual real people on the list not a harvested list of fake names and email addresses. Those with deep pockets will buy ads on Google or Facebook or other providers that target specific locations. In general, most people are using what I call the "post and pray method" meaning they post wherever and whenever without a systematic approach and hope they get a buyer.
There is a better way, it’s coming up soon.

4. How are you generating consistent steady REAL traffic?

The answers I hear to this question are…

  • I buy a list of people and email my link
  • I post to Facebook every couple of days to groups
  • I tweet my links
  • I use classified ad sites
  • I use free sites to post stuff

Problem with this approach?
It’s kind of like using a hammer and nail when you could be so much faster, automated and effective using a Nail Gun.
The approach most newbies and the inexperienced use is limited in both size of market, scale, target marketing and focused marketing tactic.
There are places to promote that you can count on to get results, some are free, some are low cost, but they work.
Keep reading I have a solution to this for you, we can tap you into the right places to promote to get clicks AND conversions.

5. What kind of sales closing system to you rely on?

I love the reaction I get to this question. The answer is often just a blank stare with a whiff of confusion. Affiliate marketers work hard to get leads and traffic, but when it times to close a sale they are baffled. Surely someone else will do this, isn’t that the joy of affiliate marketing someone else does this. What if you had someone helping you close your sales so all you have to do is focus on promotion?
There is a way.

6. Last question I ask has 2 parts, but surely the answer is known.
How do you know the best places to advertise and how do you evaluate the quality of the traffic sources?

In fairness, this is actually a very tough question. The average marketer has no idea, or tool to assess and evaluate the quality of the leads and traffic they are getting. Some people base it on clicks, that’s not a fool proof method. Others look at conversions, yes that’s a good way but you have to spend the money to get the traffic, to then evaluate the conversion rate. Where do you spend the money, so you don’t get scammed or get fed a bunch of leads/traffic that looks real but is 100% fake, computer generated, harvested, or otherwise useless.

Data Analysis software such as lead tracking, click rate tracking, geographical region, referring URL source details are critical.
If you don’t have access to that you are stumbling in the dark hoping to find the light switch. Successful affiliate marketers get results because they know where to advertise, what to advertise, how to get the clicks and how to get the sales conversion. You can get access to this kind of information and success system, here’s how.

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See for yourself.

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Now, you ask me, "Who am I to think I have all the answers? "

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t pretend to.
I can help you though.
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