Awesome Worldprofit Review and Testimonial just in from Bruce Rae PhD CChem . That makes our day here at Worldprofit! I joined Worldprofit just over a year ago now and I bought the Diamond Rotator Advertising. On looking around the site I saw the goldmine that lay at my feet and so I upgraded to the Silver Membership and after I started to make money through Worldprofit, I upgraded to Platinum. I have been really ecstatic about the Support offered by George and Sandi – they are extremely helpful even when I ask "stupid" questions! I have been a Senior Monitor in the Live Business Centre for several months now and have seen how much effort both George and Sandi put into Worldprofit. George has just launched the NEW Live Business Centre and is continually tweaking it so that it gives a better experience for both Clients and Monitors. George does not "hang about" – his latest venture is the complete overhaul of the Worldprofit site. It is really a magnificent piece of work and I cannot wait for it to go live. Overall, I can truly say that my Worldprofit experience has been excellent and what’s more, I have made money for the first time online – and you can too! Here at Worldprofit, eveyone is geared up to helping Associates and Members to hit the ground running and using the simple steps – to make money online. Well done, George and Sandi!

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