Awesome Worldprofit Review and Testimonial just in from Lisa Martiniuk. That makes our day here at Worldprofit! I was in the process of making up my "christmas (worldprofit birthday special) " personalized wish list, when I came across an email from one of my associates, asking for direction, as a Newbie with No Business. That, in itself, is something that really gave me pause, to consider how to best help someone who requested information about internet marketing, the best approach, how not get distracted, and most importantly, how I really view it.

My response to my Associate –

Worldprofit is my Home, and has been, for the past (ten) years. I am like anyone else. For my Home, I might like to spruce up the deco, add new furniture, get some new gardening/landscape implements, etc. I may change my mind, and decide to re-decorate, but, the point is, I have established my Home, and I will always have a Home to return to, irregardless of how I decorate it… providing I pay my taxes, and keep the utilities up and running. Otherwise, it is pointless to purchase anything else.

Silver Membership is your landscape, your plot of land, your Home, your Domain. You own it. Now what? You have to pay taxes, and unless you have figured out an economical solution to live off grid, you are obliged to pay these expenses, if you want to keep your home, and not go into foreclosure.

Common sense has to prevail here. What applies to real life, also applies to any business. Worldprofit takes out the guesswork. It gives you what you need. No need for decoration, it takes care of the immediate needs. If anyone else tells you otherwise, I would seriously question it. I just listen to George, it’s that simple.

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