Review: Worldprofit’s Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch presented LIVE Friday May 4th, 2018.

Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch welcomed all the new Silver and Platinum VIP Members to the training session and to the Worldprofit family.

Feature Worldprofit Training Topics

A. Getting Results. Getting Sales Conversions

Not getting the results you want? George discussed why this may be happening and what you can do about it

B. Worldprofit System Overview. Analysis of a free sign up conversion to a sale.

What happens when you sign up a free Worldprofit Associate member? What happens next for them, for you.
How they benefit, how you benefit. How the Worldprofit system works for those who are following the training and promoting.
Lesson 3 – why it is the MOST important lesson. If you haven’t progressed to Lesson 3 and watched the video, we urge you to do so right away.
If you aren’t getting the sales numbers you want, REVIEW LESSON 3 video again to make sure you are promoting the RIGHT way, doing what you need to do to get clicks and sales conversions.

B. Using Worldprofit’s system to promote your own affiliate programs.

Over 80% of Worldprofit tools, software, resources can be applied to any or all your own affiliate programs.
We host your site, we host the software, we provide support and business resources for growing your own online business.
We help you earn online from multiple sources all the while you are learning in our training program.

C. Traffic Sources

The importance of expanding your promotions on a consistent basic to reach new markets, tap new lead sources. Don’t post to 1, 2 or 3 places once a week and expect results. Sales come from constant consistent promotion to MULTIPLE places, the places you promote to needs to GROW if you want your commissions to GROW.

George revealed several sites that produced actual sales from free sign up to actual purchase.


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Featured Worldprofit Services

Worldprofit’s Autoresponder System (included in Platinum VIP Membership)
Image and PDF/ Ebook Hosting Service – Free for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members
Worldprofit Community
Worldprofit Video Library
Worldprofit Facebook Group
WordPress Blogs (hosting available at Worldprofit for minimal one time fee)

Call for people to join our Monitor Team.

We are looking for Members interested in joining our Monitor Team.
It’s fun. It’s rewarding. You earn some nice perks. Best way to learn as you grow your business.
Get details by submitting a Support Ticket.


Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training.

-> Next LIVE Home business and affiliate marketing training with George Kosch is Friday May 11th, 2018 – 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch is co-founder and CEO of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 23 years.