I had a very curious Support Ticket today from one of our Worldprofit Members. She told me she was cancelling her Worldprofit Membership with my company. When I asked her the reason and offered my assistance, she told me she didn’t want to spend time learning. She didn’t want to LEARN! This puzzled me because she joined Worldprofit specifically to learn how to grow her own successful online business and initially was super keen she told me due to the level of training and support we offer our Members. When she first joined she told me she had so many negative experiences in the affiliate marketing industry that she was frustrated and hoped our training program would help her. So can you see why I was so puzzled by her cancellation request and her stated reason for quitting, she "didn’t want to learn." We try to help each and everyone of our Members, but when someone tells me they don’t want to learn, I don’t even know what to say to that. What would you say?

I know this is just one person but it’s sadly a theme I hear often in this industry. People think affiliate marketing requires no work, no effort, no learning just post enmasse and the sales flood in. Maybe these people have fallen prey to the exaggerated email pitches that arrive daily in our inboxes promising millions in a mere 6 weeks from the latest and the greatest program. But individuals have to take responsibility too for their own success or failure in an online business. If it was so easy wouldn’t 6 figure career professionals such as doctors and lawyers simply sell off their practice and just become full time affiliate marketers ? Why bother going to law school for 8 years when you can just be a full time affiliate marketer sitting in your jammies clicking and posting on your tablet with commission flooding your PayPal account. Why is it so hard to accept that growing a successful online business requires time, focus, determination and yes some modest investment to get started, and then some training and help along the way to avoid mistakes, and be efficient as possible in growing a consistent online income from a number of sources.

Bottom line. If you want to make significant money online as an affiliate marketer, give yourself a good talking to, and ask yourself are you going to learn how to do it right, or are you just going to dabble, following the post and pray method?

Try it your way, if you like, for now. See how you do. Forget about learning, don’t worry about marketing strategy, list building, lead or traffic generation. Just post away. I actually wish you success, my experience shows you won’t, but hey prove me wrong.

When you are ready to follow an actual comprehensive training system, have access to proven effective marketing tools, and want to take advantage of support from experienced people in the industry with 20+ years experience, we’re here ready to help you.

Author Resource: Sandi Hunter, President Worldprofit. Online since 1994.